Many of the customers have question in their mind regarding what Poly mailers actually are and what is their usage? The answer to this question is hidden in the description of poly mailers’ utilization. Poly mailers normally are envelopes which are light weight, protective and thin in nature. They are made up of Polyethylene (PE). PE is the stuff which transforms Poly mailers into a product which is protective against moisture and durable at the same time. They come in various sizes and shapes. They are utilized as core material for packaging in many industries and factories for their stuffs or products.

Polythene Bags

These bags are tremendous substitute for polythene bags which are generally hazardous when we talk about environment. Polythene bags are not considered as good for environment as a whole and puts bad influence on the society. So poly mailers comes as suitable alternative as against polythene bags. When our customized printed poly mailers bags are shipped, the poly mailers printing needs to be durable and water-proof to resist any kind of accidental damages. Therefore, they are required to fight against any sort of accidental scenarios.

The most common printing methods for printing poly mailers include:

Inkjet printing
Screen printing

Offset printing


While making decision about whether any of the method coincides with expectations of your packaging; be assured that they are completely legal and feasible. Steve apparels deals in designing and manufacturing customized printed poly mailers alongside 100 percent focus on each factor of quality. We take proud that our corporate customers are satisfied to the fullest with our services based on the quality.

Fabric Selection

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Cut & Sewing

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