Steve Apparel provides

Steve Apparel provides a variety of product labeling services. Our inventory shows many different custom product labeling services so our customer could choose any one of them which suits them best.

Custom Woven Tags

Woven Tags or also called Woven Labels, are those types of labels which are woven into the fabric or garment, rather than just being imprinted on them. They are used to identify the garments with a particular branding or logo, which is used to identify which brand is offering the garment,

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Custom Heat Transfer Printed Label

Heat Transfer Printed Labels are one of the best alternates for using bulk of printed or woven labels. These are used for displaying various garment care instructions and warning labels and are also used to display the size of the garment measured in either small, medium, large or extra large.

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Custom Screen Printed Label

Screen Printed Labels are the most common type of flexible printed labels available on the market. They use a basic design principles during their development process. The garments are exposed to such screens which are filled with relevant printing materials which then takes in garments and...

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Custom Sublimation Printed Label

Sublimation Printed Labels are a type of printed labels that are used for identifying the garment products and for displaying warning messages and instructions.

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Custom Satin Care Tag

Satin Care Labels are designed to ensure that the customers are able to get the clear vision of the information regarding the material of the clothing product along with the basic washing ...

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Custom Tyvek Label

Tyvek Labels are a special type of labels used on the various premium quality garment products that usually have a longer timespan of lifeline. These are usually first woven into the fabrics, ...

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Fabric Selection

Your dedicated representative will initially help you select the best fabric for your product.

Cut & Sewing

Once the fabric is selected, it is sent for Cut & Sew processes to make sure that the quality of the product is not compromised at all.


At this step, all the changes you need in terms of printing, add-ons and changes are done effectively.


Once your product is finalized, we make sure that every piece has your label before it is sent to the packaging department


The final product is ironed, folded with care and packed in the baggage of your choice to give it a premium look


Once the order is packed and ready, it is sent for shipment to your location with minimum shipping time.