Many of the people often ask the question that what are Poly mailers and how are they used for? Their question can be answered in such a way by describing to the usage of these Poly mailers. Poly mailers are thin, lightweight, and protective envelopes, that are made from Polyethylene (PE). Polyethylene is the material which makes the Poly mailers durable and truly moisture-free, and resistant to moisture.

Replacement of Polythene Bags

Poly mailers comes in different shapes and sizes. They are used as main packaging material by many of the factories and industries for their products. They are the very good replacement of polythene bags, which are quite dangerous for the environment and are not feasible for the environment to be completely risk-free, and have a very bad impact on the environment. Poly mailers can therefore be the perfect alternative to polythene bags. When discharged, these resistant fabric dyes yield a more muted print that is usually a lighter tint of the base fabric color.

Printing Poly Mailers

There are various printing methods for printing poly mailers. While the custom printed Poly mailers are shipped, the printing of the Poly mailers need to be waterproof and durable enough to sustain many accidental damages if any are experienced with it. So overall, they need to be completely resistant to such scenarios.

Fabric Selection

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Cut & Sewing

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