3D Embroidery

3D printing or more renowned as three-dimensional embroidery is a trending and new sort of embroidery method. It allows specific designs to be printed on apparel articles which look more realistic and surreal as compared to the normal output of embroidery. 3D embroidery brings depth to designs which are imprinted on apparel products, thus need a heavy amount of work so as to finish it on a timely basis for the distribution to various manufacturers.

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Regular Embroidery

This is a process which revolves around digitizing the patterns or designs into computer software piece, in an artwork form. Then this artwork is converted to make a 2D artwork into thread or stitches. The computer software (digitize) then permit different machines into the process of embroidery, for stitching the design pattern or logo, in the manner of repetition, onto different apparel products.

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Embroidery Patches

Custom embroidery patches are an excellent way to convey your organization's identity. For any purpose, we make embroidery patches in any form or size. We will craft your embroidery patches with care. Whether you wear or display them, you're going to love your custom made patches. We identify your requirements and recommend the best products and the best design ideas for you. We only use high-quality materials and sewing techniques. It ensures that your embroidery patches will be durable and attractive for many years to come. However, we succeed at creating personalized patches and achieving satisfaction and providing customer service.

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Professional Embroidery Services

First impressions can help your brands in various ways, including increased profitability, brand awareness, and even teamwork. So if you're looking for uniform embroidery services or a way to make your business stand out from the crowd, go no further than us. Our fast embroidery services can help you with a variety of customization options from Fabric Selection to Fabric Processing, cutting, stitching, sampling, bulk production, and shipping; we have you covered.

We're here to help you with your project, no matter how big or small it is. As a result, you can focus on completing tasks on your to-do list while receiving beautiful clothing embroidery on time. What better way to personalize your brand's products than with custom embroidery? Contact us today to learn more about our contract embroidery services!

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High-Quality Custom Embroidered Apparel

When you place an order with Steve Apparel, you can rest assured that the work will be of the highest quality and that the job will be completed on time. Personalized Embroidery services are more complex and take more time to get an authentic, luxury complete look. Therefore, only use top-quality materials and cutting-edge equipment managed by expert professionals, which results in enhanced efficiency, reliability, and superior quality.

In addition, the fact that we have an experienced digitizer and graphic artist on staff allows us to give high-quality work at inexpensive pricing. According to the adage, "If you aren't looking nice, we aren't either." Therefore, we assure you our quality and guarantee of custom embroidery manufacturing service, the Quality you want from us.

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Fabric Selection

Your dedicated representative will initially help you select the best fabric for your product.

Cut & Sewing

Once the fabric is selected, it is sent for Cut & Sew processes to make sure that the quality of the product is not compromised at all.


At this step, all the changes you need in terms of printing, add-ons and changes are done effectively.


Once your product is finalized, we make sure that every piece has your label before it is sent to the packaging department


The final product is ironed, folded with care and packed in the baggage of your choice to give it a premium look


Once the order is packed and ready, it is sent for shipment to your location with minimum shipping time.