To assure a high standard of quality assurance and on-time production, our firm will personally manage your own private label custom apparel project from design to shipment. Some of the services we offer are the following: knitting, cutting and sewing, dyeing of garments, screen printing, sticker printing, special packaging, and embroidery. Make your clothing brand stand out from the crowd. Because we have tons of experience in Private label clothing and a quick response time, there is no one else you should trust to brand your garments. In addition, we have a huge fabric selection, and, more importantly, our skilled sample makers will ensure that your brand is just how you want it. Steve Apparel guarantees satisfaction. We have learned to understand our customers' needs, and that's why we are the best private label clothing manufacturers in the USA, UK, and other countries. From apparel sample creation to total production, Steve Apparel is your one-stop shop."


Custom Woven Tags

Woven Tags or also called Woven Labels, are those types of labels which are woven into the fabric or garment, rather than just being imprinted on them. They are used to identify the garments with a particular branding or logo, which is used to identify which brand is offering the garment,

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Custom Heat Transfer Printed Label

Heat Transfer Printed Labels are one of the best alternates for using bulk of printed or woven labels. These are used for displaying various garment care instructions and warning labels and are also used to display the size of the garment measured in either small, medium, large or extra large.

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Custom Screen Printed Label

Screen Printed Labels are the most common type of flexible printed labels available on the market. They use a basic design principles during their development process. The garments are exposed to such screens which are filled with relevant printing materials which then takes in garments and...

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Custom Sublimation Printed Label

Sublimation Printed Labels are a type of printed labels that are used for identifying the garment products and for displaying warning messages and instructions.

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Custom Satin Care Tag

Satin Care Labels are designed to ensure that the customers are able to get the clear vision of the information regarding the material of the clothing product along with the basic washing ...

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Custom Tyvek Label

Tyvek Labels are a special type of labels used on the various premium quality garment products that usually have a longer timespan of lifeline. These are usually first woven into the fabrics, ...

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We're here to help you to build your brand! You've had a brilliant idea! Whatever you wish to make, the services of our private label clothing manufacturing will make it appear outstanding. In addition, we can allow you to create products that stand out and sell by using your own personal branding and logos.

We are the Best Private Label Apparel Manufacturers in the USA

  • We have a dynamic team at Steve Apparel who are passionate and willing to do everything you have in your mind and want to create it in reality. The outstanding quality and design of the things we regularly produce show our passion.
  • We're known for our dedication, hard work, and commitment, and we've always met deadlines for huge orders.
  • Our private label clothes manufacturer services are created to match the demands and desires of our customers, and we believe that the customer is always right.
  • We focused on improving and adapt to new challenges, and we were continuously striving for success.
  • Everything you want to customize for related personal labeling for your apparel, we are ready to do anything you want.

As a private label apparel supplier, we can be far more than just a manufacturer that helps you market your own brands or products. Instead, we are a partner with whom you may collaborate to design and build high-quality, reasonably priced innovations that can help you grow your business successfully. We can achieve significant competitive advantages by working together.