Free Packaging

Steve Apparel packages customers’ orders in individual transparent Polybags. However, when it comes to polybags, there are numerous qualities that you can select from and get your logo printed on them.

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Custom Printed Poly Mailers

These custom poly mailers best fit when shipping light and less fragile items. This type of packaging has a self-sealing adhesive strip which ensures the products inside are safe & Secure.

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High Quality Custom Printed Polybags

The customized printed poly bags we designed are safe, secure, and efficient enough to hold the product in a firmly firm grip. Even after shipping, there is an efficient place for other details.

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Custom Printed Boxes

Custom Printed Boxes are packaging materials for large quantities of items. These boxes are commonly used for transporting a huge number of items at various places for different distribution departments in many industries.

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Packaging Bags For Clothing Line Is Easier Than You Think

Now, Manufacturer your clothing packaging bags and use newer ways to market your brand. We can’t deny that clothing brands are making huge profits by just setting up how they represent their brand.

Different brands are using different designs & different Fashion packaging bags from the Manufacturer that suit best and attractively present their brand so that customers just not see but recognize your brand.

Personalized Clothing Packaging Bags at Your Demands

Personalized clothing packaging? No problem. We can do it all uniquely sized, crystal-colored, printed artwork shopping bags, and we can help you in all.

With decades of experience and some of the huge clothing brand names as our clients, we have been delivering custom apparel packaging bags to them.


Fabric Selection

Your dedicated representative will initially help you select the best fabric for your product.

Cut & Sewing

Once the fabric is selected, it is sent for Cut & Sew processes to make sure that the quality of the product is not compromised at all.


At this step, all the changes you need in terms of printing, add-ons and changes are done effectively.


Once your product is finalized, we make sure that every piece has your label before it is sent to the packaging department


The final product is ironed, folded with care and packed in the baggage of your choice to give it a premium look


Once the order is packed and ready, it is sent for shipment to your location with minimum shipping time.