Polybags are a type of plastic bags, which are used for containing, packaging, and transporting goods and items such as food, material products, chemicals, equipments etc. They are one of the most common forms of packaging.


They are most widely used form of packaging materials in the markets today. Polybags are manufactured basically from non-biodegradable plastic materials. Which are not that much durable as compared to other packaging materials. The durability of the Polybags are not that efficient enough to a very huge amount or quantities of items inside of them. They are best used when there is no such huge quantity of items need to be transported or displaced from one place to another, while saving a great amount of time.


Polybags are not the best alternatives to basic polythene, because basically they are almost the same thing. And have the same purposes of usage in factories and distributors. Polybags are however, one of the most cheap options available for packaging materials. There are many benefits for low quantity items that are packed in Polybags. Polybags usually do not allow excess heat or moisture to go inside them, thereby protecting whatever is in the polybags.


Fabric Selection

Your dedicated representative will initially help you select the best fabric for your product.

Cut & Sewing

Once the fabric is selected, it is sent for Cut & Sew processes to make sure that the quality of the product is not compromised at all.


At this step, all the changes you need in terms of printing, add-ons and changes are done effectively.


Once your product is finalized, we make sure that every piece has your label before it is sent to the packaging department


The final product is ironed, folded with care and packed in the baggage of your choice to give it a premium look


Once the order is packed and ready, it is sent for shipment to your location with minimum shipping time.