Ultimate Guide To Printing Logo On A Hat

Are you looking to print the company’s logos on hats? Well, we all know how crucial branding is, it’s a silent, soft-spoken technique to advertise a brand and make it stand out from the ground. Whether it is an image drawn by your kids, the logo of the business, or an impactful image to print, these prints will add confidence to your personality.

Author John Cary
April 15, 2024

The guide we are diving into today is all about cap logo design. We are talking about beanies, hats, and everything in between. Customizing your hat with logo design is surefire a great way to get your brand noticed. Headwear is adorned by many fashion enthusiasts and is considered a fashion statement by many others. This paradigm of buying customized caps is anticipated to foster more buyers. It is forecasted to reach over USD 36.34 billion by 2028.

This quick walkthrough will explain how to design your hat logo. From selecting the right hat to the suitable technique, we’ll cover every concern you need to know before designing a cap!

How To Design Your Own Hat With Company Logo?

How to Design Your Own Hat with Company Logo

Before designing a cap, it is pivotal to consider a few things to match your brand. Do you want to make a custom hat with a logo? Or a screen-printed brand image? The steps below will attract more customers and add a positive brand image. So, buckle up, and let's get out with that creative hat logo design.

Choose The Right Hat

Choose the right hat

Find out what types of hats you want to get printed. Now, it's time to get started with selecting one according to your desired design requirements. Before going for one technique, it is crucial to know the basics. Alright, designers! Let's uncover the different styles of hats and how each uniquely showcases their individuality.

Baseball Caps, The Ever-Popular

They are universally considered the king of all baseball caps. Their large front panel is perfect for making a custom hat design. Their simple and professional style makes them the gateway to a casual yet professional style.

Iconic Trucker Hats

If you are searching for a functional hat that cuts the hot air while providing a hit for summer events or outdoor activities. Look no further than Trucker hats! Their slightly curved bill and mesh panel keep your designs more accurate and visible.

Dad Hat Offers A Fantastic Personalization

Anybody can embrace the personalized design, logo, or creative pun on a slightly softer fabric. They are hugely popular right now, their pre-curved bill, brass closure, and centerpiece bring the wearer an enormous soft and classy feel.

Beanies Perfect Winter Alternative

These fantastic baby beanies are favorite among parents. Their cozy, comfy, and perfect fit gives the maximum printing option, embroidery logo placement works best on this knitted fabric while keeping their head warm and protected.

Bucket Hats

They are the retro-aesthetic addition to the modern hat. They offer plenty of room for design if you want to lean toward the creative logo and printing.

Go ahead! Be mindful while selecting the perfect logo with hats, and remember your target audience and brand personality. And, of course, this will carry your logo into the world.

Supplies Required For Printing Customized Caps

Supplies Required For Printing Customized Caps

When you are going to customize caps, you need some blank canvas to work on. The types of machines and techniques you use will directly impact the final result of your printed hat. Find the supplies that offer precision and bring the excellent ability to print on various custom hats with logos.

  • The Cap Heat Press Machine is one of the best machines to invest in, it offers an easy print platform. Their curved rubber pad has a locking mechanism to print without moving.

  • If you have little budget for the heat press machine, then buy the mini heat press machine. It is tricky, but you can do the sublimation printing using it.

  • This is another tool which most printers don't prefer. It is suitable for the mini heat press and prevents the material from moving while printing.

  • Buy a platen to convert the hat into a flat surface. It's a worth investing tool, as it also allows you to check the amount of ink used for the coating.

Find Printing Service For Custom Hat

Research the market

There are various printing methods, so you can do screen printing or opt for heat transfer. All you need to do is familiarize yourself with the hat customization methods and understand what suits you. While these printing methods can make or break your design. So, let's discuss them slowly to understand how to preserve the design and make the hats last long.

Screen Printing: is an excellent option for designing logos in one or two colors. This results in visible and durable designs that withstand the test of time and weather. For detailed and precise printing, concern to the top brand, ensuring the stable and reliable printing method.

Direct To Garment: is famous for its complex and multi-coloured design. This type of printing will bring your designs directly onto the hat with clear and high-quality print. However, it is ineffective for multiple prints and typically becomes more expensive than screen printing.

Sublimation Printing: is a technique that uses heat and pressure to transfer the dye directly into the hats. It's excellent for designing tucker, bucket or all-over cap designs with high-quality print, resulting in unlimited color options and precise detailing and making it ideal for vibrant and intricate design.

Embroidery: adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your hats, making them high-quality and professional. It involves stitching your designs directly on the hats, using the coloured threads, and creating a 3D texture and detailed image. So, if you are aiming for the traditional classic look, embroidery is the way to go for your custom trucker hat printing.

Heat vinyl Or Thermal Printing: is another popular option for creating a vibrant, eye-catching design. This durable and lasting technique ensures your design remains intact even on the logo, slogan or detail printing design.

So, how do you choose a suitable printing method? Well, it depends on your preference, the material and your budget. The full-color design might be best suited to the screen printing on hats, while the single-color trucker hat printing is well done for direct-to-garment printing. Remember, proper printing is a powerful tool to display your brand image or make your artistic journey more appealing. So, be selective and let your design shine through the hats!

Find The Correct Position

Find the Correct Position

Next on the hat printing journey is the logo placement. It's an old belief that the front is the best place for logo placement. You can also try the other position like brim or sideways is a good idea. Blackplacemet, although less conventional, works great for smaller supplementary logos or brand taglines.

Let's take a quick tour and find the other options, and you can even take suggestions from skilled hat manufacturers. Well, The placement of the logo totally depends on the type of hat and design you want to have on your hat. Each placement option brings its vintage vibe and connection to the wearer. So take your time, experiment, and take your brand to the next level!


In conclusion, we’ve guided through the overall printing process, from selecting the right hat and supplies to the printing method. Whether you are looking for an effective way to customize your hat, printing a logo on a hat is the go-to choice. Remember, customization is not just a piece of merchandise, it is a canvas on which to build your brand. So, what are you waiting for? Let your creativity go wild, and start selling your headwear today!

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