How To Start A Hoodie Line

The idea of starting a hoodie business sounds good and easy, isn't it? Yes, it is easy only if you follow the right guide. The innovative and unique ideas you have in your mind might bring you to the idea of launching your own hoodie line, but still, to make the whole process easier and easy to follow, we are here.

Author John Cary
NOVEMBER 29, 2022

You might be thinking of selling your hoodies to other people, but you have no idea how and where to start. Designing hoodies is a great idea, and you might have the best and never-seen-before designs in your mind, but to market it the best way, you need to target the market properly.

Nowadays, doing business online is the best way to make money, and if you are passionate about clothing and Apparel, then you are all good to step into the business. You can create customized artworks and designs and sell them online to your customers. And if you are running a brick-and-mortar store, then you need a good clothing manufacturer by your side to help you in making the design and start your sweatshirt business.

To make the whole process easy for you, we have broken down this article into several steps that will guide you about everything from designing to selling your products into the market. There is a number of approaches to designing hoodies. Here are the best of them mentioned in this article. So, let's start:

How to Start a Hoodie Business

For startups who are looking to create a presence in the fashion industry, here are some of the steps that'll take you through the whole process to create your own hoodie brand

  • How to Start a Hoodie Business


The fashion industry is one of the biggest industries operating all around the globe, and there are countless brands and industry giants in the pool of fashion. With that said, it is obvious that you will have a load of competition you will be competing against in the market.

In such cutthroat competitions, you need to be unique to see a separate brand and unique recognition in the market. Here is something you need to consider:

- Determine the niche that you'll be selling

Just like movies have several genres and different fan bases for every genre, clothing has several styles, and every style has its fan base. So, when starting your brand, you need to analyze which style you will be selling and to whom you will be selling. Both of these measures are connected.

You can't sell sportswear and fitness apparel to a 70-year-old man. So, you need to decide who your target customer will be, as the case is about selling the hoodies. Generally, youth, youngsters, and adults like hoodies.

This young and adult target group are usually social media users, loves to travel every weekend, attend concerts, and live life to the fullest, so you can target them and offer the best and unique design hoodies based on their preferences in style fittings and more.

- Determining your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

No matter your business, you will always have competitors selling for higher or lower than you. So to be unique, you need to have a unique point. Anything that is not common and benefits the customers in any way can be your unique selling point. It can be premium fabric, manufacturing method, or anything.

For example, Steve Apparel offers a low MOQ of 50 pieces for each design so that brands and startups can manufacture a different number of designs with the lowest minimum quantity, no hassles of inventory management, etc.

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  • Design your hoodies


    If you are a fashion designer, then designing can be an interesting part for you. You can design your hoodies with logos, phrases, colors, and other unlimited customizations. When designing, you can first sketch out your design on paper, show it to others, and take your opinion.

    By showing your design to other people, you will have an idea about the audience's preferences and how they like the clothing products. Moreover, it can also help in picking up the best designs.

    You can use professional designing software for designing your hoodies, like Photoshop, digital fashion pro, etc. These are the widely used software designers use to design their clothing lines.

    You can create innovative, trendy, unique designs that your customers will love. Moreover, you can also put slogans and catchy quotes over your hoodies to make your brand stand out.

  • Spot the right manufacturers

    Now that you are all set with your designs, you need a clothing manufacturer who can turn your designs into a clothing line. You can get your design printed on blank hoodies or sweatshirts or t-shirts, or it can be customization that you want on your clothing line.

    Working with a clothing manufacturer is one of the best ways to work in the clothing business. There are several number of brands that are operating this way. Moreover, with a professional hoodie manufacturer, like Steve Apparel, you can manufacture a perfect clothing line for your brand with freedom of customization options.

    Moreover, we are an experienced manufacturer with long supply chain networks that help us source the fabrics based on the customer's needs. You can let your manufacturer know the measurements, construction and fabric details.

    All in all, half of your business profit rate depends on the manufacturers, as they will be producing your clothing line, so make sure you choose the right manufacturer.

  • Create your online presence


    Now, if you will be selling online, then you need to create a website through which you will be selling your hoodies. Setting up a website is now much easier, as many e-commerce solutions will help you create an online store in just minutes. You just need to pick up the best-suited template for your brand.

    After picking, just add products, set prices and upload product photos, and market them. Marketing is the best and only way to get sales. With strong marketing techniques, your brand can be the next trendy website that customers are rushing into.

    Now, the last thing you need to do is to market your product and target your customer through marketing. Social media is the best way to market your clothing line. You can explore vast marketing methods by which you can target your customer and sell to them directly.

    And you are all good to go in the fashion business. It's done.

Here are several tips that you must not forget:

  • Don't forget to get customer reviews.
  • Photoshoot your clothing line, as this is how you will be attracting your customers.
  • Connect with the right manufacturer
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Online selling platform
  • Revise your designs
  • Work over the recent trends
  • Branding
  • Timely delivery
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