The Top Trends in Private Label Clothing Manufacturing for 2023

Right after COVID-19, we have seen numerous changes in the fashion industry, and the fashion industry is continuously evolving daily with quick changes in consumer demands. Since COVID happened, several brands and designs have vanished from the racks of clothing stores, while private labelers and white label clothing replaced them as customers are loving private label brands more. Moreover, because of the COVID crisis, a huge group of brands have stopped their production and started working with private-label clothing companies and manufacturers to cover their expenses.

Author John Cary
May 31, 2023

As these private label manufacturers offer greater availability at all times of the year to the clothing brands, most of the clothing brands prefer to work with manufacturers who get the production done in less time for the clothing brands.

The Popularity And Rising Trend Of Private Label Brands Are Here To Stay

Taking about the rise of the private label clothing brand and manufacturers are parallel equally. The tragic price drop because of private-label clothing has grabbed customers' attention towards the private label. Also, it is easier for the clothing brand to sell premade clothing line with little customization under their brand name. In this record-breaking inflation, that private label clothing line seems to be the right strategy for both customers and clothing brands to tackle the inflation rates.

Some Barriers To The Fashion Industry

Many challenges clothing brands face in their supply chain process have resulted in the unavailability of the right product in the right market at the right time. This results in an incomplete balance between supply and demand in the market. Moreover, customers are looking for sustainable clothing lines while shopping, as they are lower in price, durable, and meet their styling criteria.

Every week there is a new rising change in the private label industry. Although half of 2023 has already passed, we guarantee that private label apparel brands still have much to offer in 2023. As a private label manufacturer, we have worked with top-class premium clothing brands for 03 decades. This wide experience has helped us understand the right direction towards which the industry and consumers' demands are going.

If you are a private label brand, it's very critical for your clothing brand to follow the latest trends currently being incorporated in the fashion industry, so that you stay on the same page with competition.

The private label clothing brands seem to generate a good amount of profit compared to the clothing brands who do the production on their own, as they are charged with additional costs like sourcing the fabric, operating machines, and much more. In addition, it's easier for a clothing brand to tell a custom manufacturer about your design and clothing needs. In response, the clothing manufacturers are responsible for providing a clothing line project to them that is exclusively made for them with their brand logo and label.

Based on the research, a customer finds it much more convenient to shop from store brands than from international brands, as they both provide the same quality of products with just a bit of difference in the colors. So this clearly opens up a new opportunity for a clothing brand to sell the best products and make their name in the industry without restriction. With that said, there are tons of top trends in private-label clothing manufacturing that you can follow in 2023. These trends are in use by the industry's most prominent clothing brands and fashion names, so if you want to be on the same page as them, you must follow these rising and turning trends to compete.

So let's get started with the best trends for private label apparel brands:

  • Incorporating the sustainable manufacturing

    In recent years, sustainable manufacturing has been one of the most forced trends that are still faced by all private label clothing companies all around the globe. However, as these materials used for sustainable manufacturing are reproducible, which drops the pricing graphs, consumers are finding sustainable clothing lines. Furthermore, recycling the clothing line and then resolving it ensures a long-term benefit as the fabric you invest in somehow returns to you. You only need to reclaim it; it is ready to sell again.

    This recycling ability lowers the burden on the supply chains, keeping the brand's stakes at a moderate and stable level. In addition, as your consumer group is becoming more educated, they see plastic and other fabric as long-term waste, and the trend of sustainable manufacturing is rising continuously.

    If your brand is not selling sustainable clothing lines, then it's the very right time for you to consider and introduce a sustainable clothing line and sell it under your brand name. You can work with Private Label Clothing Manufacturers who can manufacture a quality-driven clothing line for your clothing brand.

  • All in one Omni-channel clothing brand

    Won't it be much easier if you could easily shop for all your clothes regardless of any type, groceries, home essentials, or anything from only one shop? It'll be! Right? In the same way, consumers are looking for a space from which they can easily shop for anything they want. An area that offers them a premium shopping experience with maximum convenience, personalization, and freedom of customization.

    Setting up such a large physical store is impossible, but you can open a virtual Omni channel e-commerce store that offers everything or at least what you want to sell. An Omni channel Ecommerce is more than just a website for your brand, it's a platform that connects your brand with the vast range of audiences for your brand.

  • The idea of limitless personalization

    Personalizing your clothing line is always a good idea, regardless of any clothing niche. Personalizing the custom clothing line for your brand line is one thing, while personalizing the shopping experience for our customers is another factor you must focus on. Customers love the idea of custom-tailored clothes designed explicitly for them based on their exclusive needs. The custom clothing line allows the customer freedom. It lets you think about your design and everything about it at a couple of stages to ensure you are immediately working on the right project.

    With custom clothing manufacturers, it's becoming more accessible for customers and clothing brands to work on the idea of clothing they have in mind. So you can ask the clothing manufacturers to develop a custom private label clothing line with your on-demand customization over it, and the private label manufacturer will do so and take all the hassles of manufacturing. At the same time, you sell the product under your brand name.

    The in-time manufacturing is an essential factor that is being fullfilled by the manufacturers as they already have premade clothes ready to sell to the clothing brands, reducing the time span.

  • Fluidity in the fashion industry

    The sudden change between customer behavior and their shopping patterns is changing daily, which has made the fashion industry move in multiple directions at a fast pace. Fashion companies and clothing brands are hiring creative designers to rethink their production and create a unique designs for it. Unisex clothes are new trends in the industry that more and more clothing brands are adopting.

    YMoreover, the fashion industry has gone pretty much diverse, and popular styles are returning with vintage looks and vibes. Moreover, many clothing brands sell simple white-label clothing under their brand name and make huge profits.

    The fluidity of the fashion industry is also increasing because of celebrities, as more and more celebrities are spotted wearing gender-neutral clothing lines. One of the most common private label examples of a unisex clothing line is the Hoodies. Hoodies are one of the best attire of all time that both men and women wear equally. Steve Apparel, a leading private label hoodies manufacturer, has worked with many clients and clothing brands to create a world-class premium hoodies private label for their brand. So you can choose us as your Custom Hoodie Manufacturers for your clothing brand.

  • The K-pop fashion trend

    Since the last decade, love for the K-pop industry has grown significantly all around the globe. Since the PSY hit the trending charts long ago, their fan base was already ready to pick their fashion sense. You might have also heard the "Gangnam Style" song that was fun, right? Similar bands and music artists like BTS and more are continuously ruling the hearts of huge audiences all around the globe, especially in the US.

    We can't deny that the K-pop artist hasn't only brought the culture or music and introduced a high-class fashion sense and clothing line to their fan base. However, to be on top, many top-class fashion brands follow this huge diversity of the K-pop fashion industry by adding their fashion styles, manufacturing a line from private label suppliers and then selling them as their personal label brand to their customers.

    No matter what target audience you are catering to, they must have a favorite celebrity of their own, and they most probably like to follow the fashion trends of their favorite stars. This way, you can directly reach a vast number of group of audience, bringing light to your brand.

  • Re-Ecommerce Or Private Labelling Is A Trend Itself

    As per the market research and surveys, it's evident that most people prefer it more than clothing products from well-known brands like T-shirts, hoodies, jeans, and activewear. All they want is a brand name and good product quality to wear. Moreover, the second-hand production market is the 2nd top heated market. Therefore, the resale of the clothing line with just a little bit of advancements and enhancement of the clothing line is the new normal in the industry that is here to stay.

    With rising bars towards sustainability, eco-friendly Custom Clothing Manufacturing, second-hand clothing with a bit of customization is the new trend that has been continuously innovating the fashion industry. It's often called resale, a service where products are customized, enhanced, and resale to customers as new or used products. With this approach, your brand can quickly eliminate the need for consumers to visit the thrift store to spot the best 2nd hand designs in the market.

Starting your own private label brand?

Shakes hands with the more sustainable clothing future with us. Let us provide you with the best manufacturing. Being a market-leading Custom Clothing Manufacturer, we have worked with many clothing brands and manufactured a high-end sustainable clothing line for their clothing brand. So please make the most of our premium features like product design, expert manufacturing, 24/7 customer support, error-less bulk production, and much more while being a responsible, sustainable t-shirt company in the country.

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