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Sample development is an integral part of clothing manufacturing. It’s a good practice from the clothing maker that helps the brands and clients take on confirmed decisions about their clothing line. Although the role of the clothing sample maker is easy to understand to inform you about everything about the sample maker properly, so let’s start the aligning the things.

Author John Cary
DECEMBER 13, 2022

Who is the sample maker?


A sample maker is the one who will make a sample of your clothing design idea so that the sample can be used as a reference for bulk production. The sample makers are not factory-dependent. Their only job is to gather requirements and sew a sampling garment for you based on your idea and design with the supplies and components you want on your clothes.

  • What is the objective of the garments sample maker?

The main objective of the sample maker is to gather the requirements from the brand or client about the type of sample they want to manufacture. Then gather around all the components and source the fabric to create a sample.

Some sample makers also excel in cut and sew manufacturing like us. Using the different parts of shirts and sewing them together, we can create a pattern for a product. This is why they are also known as a pattern maker. Some of the sample makers with factories, which means that after they make your sample, you can also ask them to manufacture a bulk quantity for you.

  • What is a sample room?


    The sample room is an often-used term in the sampling process. The sample room refers to the room in a factory specially dedicated to creating and storing samples. Before the bulk production, a copy of the sample is sent to the customer and held in the sample room until it gets approved by the client or brand.

    Once the product is approved for bulk manufacturing, the garment moves from the sample room to the garment manufacturing process unit where the garments undergo different stages of bulk development. Here are some stages of the bulk manufacturing:

    • Fit Sample
    • Component Testing
    • Color + print Approvals
    • Salesman Sampling
    • Size Set Sampling
    • Garment Performance Testing

  • Manufacturing Is Now Easy With Clothing Sample Makers


    Finding a sample maker associated with the production facility is the best way to save money and launch your clothing line, With them, your products work in a good flow, and it moves from several development stages from sampling to producing the final product.

    There are 3 stages in which the whole process of sample making is divided. This blog will outline all of these steps and let you know the factors you should care about when working with a sample maker.

    The 3 stages are:

    • Working with sample maker to produce sample
    • Working with a sample room to produce counter samples and store them in the sample room
    • After approval of the sample working with the clothing manufacturers in order to produce a bulk quantity

    Note: It’s critical to work in the above-defined method, or if you are out of the way, you might end up compromising over the quality or on time or money.

    As this blog is focused on sampling, let’s get a detailed view of the first stage of product sampling.

  • Clothes Prototyping
  • Samples are also known as prototypes. So, to create your initial sample, you need to hire a clothing sample maker and make sure you choose a clothing sample worker that works with the production unit. It benefits your brand in the long-term work.

    The clothing sample maker also offers pattern-making services, and cutting is the basic and manual thing you need for your sample development.

    This way, the clothe maker will develop a prototype using the pattern and requirements. And another thing to remember is that you are all responsible for providing the sample maker with everything, such as components or every little information about how you want your sample to be.

    After manufacturing, these samples are sent to the client or brand to check whether the product is according to their requirement. The product is not according to the requirements defined earlier, and they can ask the manufacturers to make the following changes.

    To avoid the hassles and end-time changes, the manufacturers sent a “tech-pack file” before the sample making. This tech-pack file shows a visual representation of the product. In contrast, the tech pack file also mentions all the details about the measurements, colours, sizing, functionalities, and fabrics.

  • Benefits Of Working With A Clothing Sample Maker


    There are several numbers of benefits that you are getting when working with a dress sample maker.

  • Easy communication
  • Working with a local sample maker makes your communication a lot easier. Being local means that you both will be communicating in the same language. This will help make the sample maker understand your requirements quickly and more precisely.

    You might find it a bit challenging to transform your product idea into another mind, as the fashion industry is full of technical terminologies that you might not understand. This is why it is essential to work with a sample maker who can easily understand your requirements and get your product idea.

  • Tech pack & spec sheets
  • An expert clothing manufacturer sends you a tech pack file that includes the spec sheets containing information about telling the details, measurements, color grading information, sizing, cutting, trims, buttons, zippers information and usage manual and other information in it.

    Even the slightest mistake or mismeasurement could make a massive difference in the authentic product. That’s why tech packs and spec sheets are essential to sample development. It helps make no mistakes and produce an accurate design per the brand’s requirements.

  • Micro-production
  • If you want to manufacture a small batch of clothes, then a clothing sample maker might be a good fit for you. Most manufacturers in the market manufacture your products in bulk quantity, like 100 pieces per design.

    But if you are a startup and want to get started with a low number of pieces per design, then you can work with a sample maker. They can help you in manufacturing a low quantity.

    Moreover, there are a number of clothing manufacturers in the market who are working with LOW MOQ.

    For example, as a sample maker for a clothing brand, Steve Apparel can manufacture a low quantity of 50 pieces per design so that you try different designs and never worry about filling up your inventory to the fullest.

    We also cater to private label clothing businesses all around the globe. If you have mind-blowing ideas, ready to get on your private label shirts, sweatshirts or hoodies and more, then we can help you turn your vision into reality.

    The Ending Line

    Our primary aim is to help established brands and startups enter the fashion industry and sell the unique ideas they have to offer in the form of clothes. As a professional sample maker and bulk clothes manufacturer, we have the right expertise to help your brand grow. We have a professional fashion and graphic designer team that can make a tech pack for you and the expert production team to turn your idea into perfect clothing that your customer will love to wear.

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