The Ultimate Guide to Custom T-Shirt Manufacturing and Business

Brief Overview of the Custom T-Shirt Industry

The custom t-shirt printing industry has been the talk of the town for years, and there is no doubt on the t-shirt will be here forever. The custom t-shirt printing industry has experienced a growth rate of 11% this year, which is expected to grow with an increased rate in coming years. Fueled by the unique custom printing and personalization demand, Print-on-demand t-shirts are on trending charts.

Author John Cary
March 11, 2024

Customers are looking for Customized shirt designs to which they can relate and flex. These designs allow them to express their styles and personalization. The Direct-to-garment printing trends have revolutionized the podsolization experience for the customers. Now, customers are designing their styles and asking t-shirt manufacturers to manufacture those t-shirts for them.

The reason behind the wide popularity of Print-on-demand t-shirts is clear. They are durable, easy to design and personalize, comfortable, and match-making with different apparel. They are universal wardrobe staples. Every single design, from blank t-shirts to customized logos or other printed t-shirts, is a form of self-expression for customers.


The T-shirts are enduring, lightweight, and breathable. You have the flexibility to use versatile kinds of fabric for manufacturing the t-shirts, providing you with several options. The T-shirts are the best option whether you are having a relaxing beach weekend or looking for something to wear casually.

Types of Custom T-Shirts

The customized shirt designs are broad in range. Different custom T-shirt styles are tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the target audience. Personalized graphic tees are the most common custom t-shirt designs, as they allow you to have custom illustrations, graphic designs, and minimalistic designs over the T-shirt.

Based On Fabrics Selection


The cotton fabric is the classic option for t-shirt manufacturing. The cotton materials add remarkable features to the T-shirt clothing line, such as its natural look, breathable fabrics, durability, and comfortable look.



  • Breathable fabric

  • Best for vibrant color printing and graphical t-shirts

  • Soft and comfortable


  • Prone to get wrinkles


The polyester fabric belongs to the synthetic fabric family. Polyester fabrics are pretty popular because of their special durability and stretchable features. It offers versatile designs and premium features such as durability, breathability, moist wicking, and easy printing, making it best for sportswear apparel.



  • Stretchable

  • Durable and long-lasting

  • Moister wicking feature

  • Best-looking sharp printing features


  • Less breathable


The fabric blend refers to the mixture of two fabrics to get the qualities and features of both fabrics into one. For example, cotton and polyester have the best strength features when blended. The blend becomes more durable and offers breathability, stretchability, comfortable wear, and more.



  • Blends of 02 fabrics having features of both

  • Durable and versatile for Custom t-shirt printing

  • Comfortable


  • Characteristic of individual components

Specialty fabrics

As the name says, specialty fabrics include a wide range of fabrics, from organic cotton materials. The specialty fabrics belong to the sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics.



  • Unique texture and quality

  • Eco-friendly material

  • Look appealing with any printed design


  • Costly

Based on Styles and Cuts

There are versatile options of T-shirts that are popular in the fashion industry. The most common looks in the fashion industry are:

  • Crew Neck, V-Neck, and Other Necklines


  • Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Sleeveless


  • Fitted, Regular, and Oversized Fits


Choose the Printing Techniques

Custom t-shirt printing fashion is highly dependent on vibrant, good-looking designs, and that's where the printing techniques come in. Various printing methods are used in the fashion industry. Here are some common printing methods that you can use in your Custom apparel business.

Screen printing

The screen-printing design transfers the design from a stencil sheet to a flat surface of fabric. The method involves a stencil and mesh screen to transfer the design to fabric or paper. The Screen-printing services are best and widely popular in the fashion industry.

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Digital Printing

Digital printing or DTG (Direct garment printing) is a printing process that directly prints the digital images from digital files over the fabrics using a special printer. The printer accepts the design file in digital format, makes the design per the colors, and prints it over the fabric.


Heat Transfer

Heat transfer is quite a popular design method for t-shirt printing. The heat transfer is also known as thermal wax transfer printing. As the name says, the process uses heat to transfer the designs over the fabric. The process is handy when the designs are pre-printed over sheet or wax paper.


T-Shirt Manufacturing Process

A well-maintained and efficient T-shirt manufacturing process is a basic need for your clothing apparel business. Here are a couple of factors you need to consider when selling a T-shirt clothing line:

Find a Clothing Manufacturer

If you don't have an in-house production facility or much investment, the best option is to work with a custom clothing manufacturer. A custom shirt factory can help your brand by manufacturing custom designs that you want for your clothing line

You can also partner up with a Private label t-shirt manufacturer who can provide you with pre-made t-shirts that you can sell under your brand name. A private Label T-shirt manufacturer can help you with Bulk t-shirt orders on demand.

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As professional custom t-shirt manufacturers, we use T-shirt design software to incorporate your custom bespoke designs into your clothing line. Be it Print-on-demand t-shirts, Bulk t-shirt orders, or Sustainable t-shirt manufacturing, and we can do it all. Another reason we are a shirt manufacturer in the USA is because we can provide you with the best fabric for custom t-shirts.

We have the best-assured quality control department.

To ensure the best production capabilities, we have a quality control team that works parallelly with your production and ensures that the end product is exactly as per your needs. We ensure your apparel product passes all samples, tech packs, quality control, and other tests.


Use the best fabric for t-shirts and a high-quality printing machine; we can provide you with the best printing and embroidery methods. Following the best eco-friendly practices, we can provide you with the best sustainable clothing apparel line.

Setting Up Your Custom T-Shirt Business

To start your print-on-demand t-shirt clothing business, there are many things to consider. Starting a t-shirt brand isn't easy because of the wide cutthroat competition in the industry. However, with the right approach and Custom merchandising strategy, you can enter the Custom apparel business.

Here are some important steps that you must not forget when starting a t-shirt brand business.

Business Planning

No matter what business you are doing, planning always helps. Planning for your T-shirt manufacturing process and how to sell them in the market will provide you with a roadmap to your clothing business plan. Do the market research about the niche you are selling.


Understand the diverse needs of your audience, analyze and measure the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, and find a unique selling point for your business. Make your business unique and different from your competition so consumers buy from you.

Choose a broad business model tha includes both physical and online presence. In today's era, it's quite important to be socially active. A large target audience likes to shop online, but having a physical presence for your custom apparel brand is equally important.

The T-shirt business will be in high demand forever, so you are safe to invest your money in it.

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Legal considerations

Most people running custom brand apparel businesses don't rethink registering their custom brand apparel business. Registering your business and getting your licenses and trademark allows your business the maximum flexibility and ease of preventing unwanted taxes and fines.

You can get your permits, SSN, and licenses to start your t-shirt business without fear of copying your original design. Even if you find someone copying your designs, you can put up a case that demands money from them because of copying your original designs and selling under their brand name.

You can also pay any LLC service to manage all kinds of paperwork; they'll do everything for you.

Marketing and Branding

Your marketing plan is a critical area for your t-shirt clothing business. You can find your target audience and study them to find out what clothing line they like to wear and then run ads to market your clothing line


If you are targeting a wide niche from Gen-Z, then there are several places you can target to cater to them, like you can run ads on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and more. The most effective way to actively increase brand awareness is to find influencers and collaborate with them to increase your brand awareness by promoting them.

You can best use social media marketing strategies and set up channels on Instagram, Facebook, and more. Run paid advertisements posted regularly with good captions to welcome your target audience and attract them to your brand.

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Pricing Strategies

The pricing of your product is another important area worth focusing on. It's the factor that sets your business apart from your competitors. To stand apart from your competition, you'll have to set affordable prices compared to your competitors and sell the same better-quality materials and T-shirts to your target audience.


You'll have to do a competitor analysis to determine the main areas of your competition business. You'll have to analyze their prices, strengths, and weaknesses and then make your clothing brand game strong by tackling the weaknesses they are facing and by providing a better structure to your friends.

Selling Custom T-Shirts

E-Commerce Platforms

The ecommerce platform is the best-trending business opportunity for new online businesses. Multiple ecommerce stores allow you to set up an ecommerce store, such as WIX or Shopify. You can easily set up your clothing store without coding or anything. You can easily build your custom store with drag-and-drop elements.


You can also implement T-shirt design software, allowing customers to design custom clothing T-shirts on your website. Customers love to wear T-shirts that are specially made for them. You can easily offer custom Personalized t-shirt manufacturing offerings to your consumers through your Online t-shirt store. Partner with a Direct-to-garment printing and custom T-shirt manufacturer who can handle all designing and production for you. You'll have to sell the apparel lines to the customers.

Offline sales

Your physical store is a rising asset to your brand, which increases the land's worth and the brand's presence in the market by being physically present. You can make the most of the offline sales because a wide group of customers still like to shop through a physical store.


To make it more exciting, you can collaborate with other businesses that pair well with your business. For example, As a T-shirt brand, you can partner with a Pants brand and offer complete outfits to your consumers at lower prices. This will increase your brand awareness.

Fulfillment and Shipping

In house production

The in-house refers to the business model if you have space to manufacture t-shirt designs and produce them in Bulk. The house method is best for you if you have enough investment and space to set up your manufacturing facility. You'll have to source the fabric from the apparel market.


Outsourced fulfillment

Outsourced fulfillment is a method of working with 3rd party apparel manufacturers to create your t-shirt clothing line. We are expert t-shirt garment manufacturers who can provide you with the best manufacturing services. As custom t-shirt manufacturers, we are experts in screen printing, DTG printing, custom embroidery, and sustainable t-shirt manufacturing.


To cater to your Bulk t-shirt orders, we have a large manufacturing facility & t-shirt warehouse. We follow all professional protocols, including sample development, tech pack development, fashion and design making, fabric sourcing, and QA teams. We also offer your brand the flexibility of choosing whatever fabric you want.


That was all about the custom T-shirt manufacturing business and how to start a Custom apparel business. The T-shirt manufacturing process is a bit concerning if you are a startup in the fashion industry. Still, a custom t-shirt manufacturer can potentially help your business.

A professional t-shirt manufacturer offers you a complete solution to your business needs. Being a leading manufacturer, we can help you all the way around. We can create custom designs for your brand, print them, do embroidery, and package quality control and distribution for you.

However, the success of launching a successful business in the fashion industry is by producing unique designs for your brand. Using the latest printing and embroidery methods, you can print and personalize the best custom designs in your clothing collection.

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