Fleece Hoodies

The fleece is the new talk of the town, the fleece fabric has gained much popularity in recent years and it’s unstoppable. With everything being cyclical in the fashion industry, the fleece hoodies are the new entry and the new fleece hoodies and sweatshirts designs are elevating the fashion sense in consumers. Back to past, when wearing fleece means you’ll have to compromise comfort, but it’s not the case anymore, now the fleece fabric comes with top notch quality that is durable, comfortable and easy to handle print.

Author John Cary
June 22, 2023

What is fleece fabric?

The fleece fabric is a synthetic material with premium features like comfortable, soft, warm and being lightweight. The fleece fabric offers a good texture and withholds amazing insulating properties. It’s a man-made fabric that is also includes a polyester fabric. Primarily, the fleece fabric was introduced as an alternative material to the wool. Wool is natural fabric that is more costly than the fleece fabric, while fleece comes with the same structure and offers same features like comfort, warmness and more in less cost as compare to wool.

With modern features like heat retention, insulating structure, water resistance and moist resistance makes it one of the best fabric material especially for hoodies. The fleece fabric comes with a good air ventilation structure means that any heat produced by your body will be passed out keeping your body cool, leaving no space for suffocation.

That’s some of the reason why fleece fabrics are becoming popular. The main idea behind the creation of the fleece fabric is provide as warm and comfortable wear as wool but the fabric should be in lighter form and resist against water.

The weight of fleece fabric

  • Light weight

    As name tells, the lightweight fabric comes with a thin structure that is amazingly breathable and highly optimal fabric to wear at adventurous activates like sports, hiking, biking, cycling and more.

  • The mid weight fabric

    TThe mid weight fabric fleece are considered as one of the most versatile fabric, they provide a decent durability time with good amazing breathable structure. You can completely rely on it, if you are looking for a hoodie that cover your body from extreme temperature, and keep it warm with comfort ensured.

  • Heavy fabric

    Here comes the heavy fabric that weight 100 grams more than the previous one that is 300 grams. In this type of fabric, there are 0% chances of the air transferring through the fabric, keeping the body sweats inside the jackets or hoodies, this fabric doesn’t allow the outside coolness to enter in the jackets. These type of jackets are ideal for the cities or areas where the temperatures are above -5.

Types of fleece hoodies

Here the common type of custom fleece hoodies in the market.

  • Standard fleece fabric

    These are the most common type of fleece fabric that varies in terms of weight, thickness and design quality. Being a hoodie, its hood is made up of fleece fabric that provide an additional support, comfort and warmness to your head. The fleece hoodies comes with additional pocket at the front with opening on the both ends.

  • Sherpa lined fleece hoodies

    In the Sherpa lined fleece hoodies, the inner side of the hoodies is designed and made up of Sherpa fabrics. The Sherpa fabric is a texture of sheep’s wool means it’s a synthetic fabric. These Sherpa fleece lined hoodies are adds the soft and comfortable structure to the hoodie, moreover it also provides great warmth to the wearer in the cold temperatures. These type of hoodies can also features ribbed hems and cuff in it.

  • Technical fleece hoodies

    The technical fleece hoodies refers to the custom fleece hoodies that are specially made with technical advanced and custom demands of consumer. Primarily, these type of hoodies are made from high end synthetic fabrics that holds all the advance features like quick drying, moisture-wicking, breathability and more. These fleece hoodies are tested against the rigged conditions to ensure their quality. Different technical features are added to these hoodies like zipper pockets, cuffs, adjustable hoods, ergonomic seams and a lot more.

Choosing the Right Fleece Hoodies

No matter what niche you are working on, whether it is men’s fleece hoodie, polo fleece sweatshirt, T-shirt or jeans, you have to make certain decisions like choosing the right fleece hoodies fabric. The fleece fabric that you are choosing depends on your customer use. One thing that must remember that fleece fabric doesn’t perform very well with the screen printing, so whatever the fabric type you will choose, you will get to face some challenges. The fabric got shrink when exposed to heat. Here are some factors that help you choose the right fleece fabric for your hoodies line.

  • Fabric thickness & Fabric Weight

    One of the most important factor of the fabric is its weight, all of the major’s features like durability, breathability, comfort, and soft structure depends on the weight of the fabric. As a manufacturer, we weigh the fabric over the unit of grams per meter squares.

  • Styling and fitting options

    Different fleece fabric have unique visual appearances, some offer smooth surface while some offers good textures for screen printing over it. So the choice of choosing the right fabric is majorly depending on what type of end product you want. For a polished look, the standard fleece fabric is good option you can choose. Or if you are looking for smooth texture look then a higher pile fleece is best for you

  • Hood and pocket features

    Hoods and pockets in the hoodies are an important part, that makes up your whole attire feel & look amazing. With a fleece hoodie that provide a larger hoodie and neck cover, you can cover your whole upper body that is recommended in the extremely high temperature. Some hoodies comes with the options to adjust the size of the hoodies. on the other side, most of the people prefers to have deep pockets, especially in hoodies, so that it can carry essentials or cover more than your wrist.

  • Zipper & pullover design

    There are number of options available when it comes to fleece hoodies, you can choose nylon, plastic, metal as your zipper for your hoodies. You can choose the zipper as per you need, the plastic zippers are light in weight and so on. Also make sure the zipper quality that you are choosing is smooth enough to open and close easily or we can single handed. The zipper pulls are also important piece to note, it should be big enough to hold, pull down and pull up easily.

Styling tips

With fleece fabrics, there comes a variety of styling options, here are the top trending & creative styling option in the consumer:

  • Layering

    The layering fleece hoodies are lightweight, and that’s why they make the best stylish combinations between different designs. You can easily pair between fleece hoodies with different T-shirts, jeans and sweatshirts combinations.

  • Pairing with unique outfits

    You can use the fleece fabrics are the best tool to try new looks with different clothes. Using the decent inner wear such as T-shirts, you can pair it up with colorful and vibrant textured fleece hoodies or you can do vice versa. You can also mix the casual wear with decent and good looking hoodies, this would make up a good combination for any event.

  • Use accessories like bracelets, hats, scarf

    Whether its men’s fleece hoodies or women’s fleece hoodies accessories like hats, shoes, scarfs elevate your overall style. You can add a 6 panel low profile cap with fleece hoodie to your look, or if you are women you can add slouchy hat that will effortlessly elevate your over all look. You can also add an infinity scarf to your outfit, the scarf should be of contrasting color that will top up your look.

Use of Fleece Hoodies for Different Activities

From outdoor activities to indoor casual meetups and parties, the fleece hoodies are the best fabric that can be used for versatile fabrics. Here are some of the common use of the fleece fabric in the market.

  • Adventuring & Hiking

    The fleece fabric are best to use for outdoor activities, whether you want a thick fabric to climb up the mountain or you are engaged in your long runs full of adventures, the fleece hoodie is best of kind fabric for you. Its features like moist wicking, breathability keeps your body cool throughout the adventure.

  • Casual Wear For Every Day Events

    It can be all time go to option for your everyday outfit. Whether you have got an errand to run, a casual meetup, or you are just lounging at home, you can always pair up your look jeans, shirt and get a unique look effortlessly.

How is fleece hoodies in terms of Sustainable and ethical Considerations?

Fleece fabric that mainly comes from the polyester fabric offers a wide number of pros and cons to sustainable and ethical aspect. These are some of the important points to consider.

  • One major con is that, these fabric are petroleum based fabric which makes huge resource intensive resources, as they require huge amount of water, polyester processing power and energy to manufacture.

  • Washing the fleece fabric, release the polyesters or microfibers into the water leading to water pollution. This water pollution is a threat to the sea life.

  • If the fleece clothes product line is a combination or any natural fabric, then all these effects can overcome, and prevent the damage.

  • One of the positive impact of the fleece fabric is that it holds exceptional insulation properties, keeping your body warm, it provide you the best protection.

  • With proper care of your fleece fabric, you can easily extend the product lifecycle extended, fleece fabric can provide you a long term use which reduce the demand.

  • Mainly, the production of fleece fabric take place in such countries where the labor costs is low, and worker might face the basic issues like low wages, working under difficult conditions and more. Steve Apparel practice an ethical approach to work with best standard in market and eliminate the basic issues like low wages and unsuitable working conditions.

  • Here at Steve apparel, we trade fare quality of fabric, and ensure the practicing of ethical manufacturing for your clothing line.

Customizing Fleece Hoodies / Different Customization Options for Fleece Hoodies

Customizing your fleece hoodies means that when you are brand, you design your own hoodies, you can design a new look for your brand line, you can make Nike fleece hoodie, a sports wear tech fleece men’s full zip hoodie or any kind of personalized fleece hoodie with your custom style over it. Personalizing your hoodies with your own custom design, brand logo, pictures, and texts, visual or graphic results in a custom fleece hoodie for your brand. A custom clothing manufacturer can help you incorporate all these customization in your clothing line.

Here are couple of ways by which you can personalize the look and style of your hoodies.

  • Printing methods: The fleece fabric are best to use for outdoor activities, whether you want a thick fabric to climb up the mountain or you are engaged in your long runs full of adventures, the fleece hoodie is best of kind fabric for you. Its features like moist wicking, breathability keeps your body cool throughout the adventure.

  • Dyeing: Fabric dyeing is a common method that is commonly practiced in the industry. Any custom color or pattern is dyed to the fabric to achieve a permanent pattern or color over it. There are different type of dyeing methods like dip dye, ombre and more.

  • Embroidery: Another common customization technique that is widely used in fashion industry. In embroidery manufacturing the clothing lines are stitched with the custom design, using the color threads. The embroidery designing is considered professional for corporate clothing line and they are durable for longer times.

  • Trimming and other add-ons: Moreover, one another way of customization is to add custom trims, buttons, zippers and patches over your hoodies clothing line. or you can also customize your hood, make it adjustable, customize your sleeves, pockets and design, the way you want it to be.

Benefits of Customizing the Fleece Hoodie

Custom clothing manufacturers are the best way to get all the customization in your brand clothing line. Customizing your clothing line the way you want unlocks several benefits to your clothing line. Here are all of them listed.

  • Limitless Personalization

    A personalized clothing line offers you a flexibility to design your own clothing line the way you want. Means you can add whatever customizations you want, and express your brand individuality in your own creative way. Every brands has its own vision, interest and style that makes them look stand apart from competitor. Even if you are new in the market, we suggest you to create unique and creative visuals that defines your brand. This way you will attract audience through your creative work and will land a strong position in the industry.

  • Brand promotion:

    Another advantage you get of custom fleece hoodies is that your clothing brand can be the best promotion strategy for your brand. You can promote your own brand by designing and printing a unique and creative design over your hoodie line along with the brand logo. This way customer will get attracted towards your brand and will notice your brand logo, this will increase your brand recognition among consumers.

    Or you can create a business uniform for your employees, it could be hoodie, T-shirt or something that represents you brand. You can display a sense of unity, discipline and promote your brand or company at the same time.

  • Exclusive Gifts

    Who doesn’t like an exclusive gift that is specifically designed for them? You can personalize a clothing fleece hoodies for someone, it could be your friend, family, or anyone. Nowadays, people loves to wear a personalize hoodies with their name on it, or a special message. Being a clothing brand you can offer your customer an exclusive hoodies specifically design for them with their name on it, or a design that attracts them or it could be anything.

  • Best durability, Comfort and Quality

    The fleece fabric is well known because of it durable structure, warmth and comfortable structure it provides. There are different type of fabric customizations you can do based on the type of clothing niche you are selling. Through different options of fabric customization you can create anything from Nike sportswear club fleece pullover hoodie to stylish, warm and cozy fleece hoodie. When you are working with custom clothing manufacturer, the decision is totally yours.

How to Personalize Fleece Hoodies with Logos, Designs, or Text

Custom clothing manufacturers are the best way to get all the customization in your brand clothing line. Customizing your clothing line the way you want unlocks several benefits to your clothing line. Here are all of them listed.

  • Get the design of logo ready

    First of all, you need to design your logo or the design that you want to print over your fleece hoodie line. If you are passionate about designing, you can design your logo, design or text or you can hire a professional graphics designer. Working with a Steve Apparel grants you this service on free of cost, our team of graphic designers and fashion designer is ever ready to help your brand.

  • Choose your printing method

    Now that your design is made, you need to choose a printing method that fits your budget and needs. There are multiple options that you can choose like screen printing, fabric dyeing, embroidery, heat transfer, or more. Make your decision based on the type of decision you want.

  • Hoodies making process

    If you are working with custom manufacturing then this probably isn’t your headache. Or if you are on your own, you need to create a design that ensures you made the right hoodie that is perfect in terms of size and fabric.

  • Transferring the design

    Now that you have made both design and hoodie, there are different methods for transferring the print or the fabric. For screen printing method you’ll have to transfer the design over fabric using a mesh screen. You will need to place the hoodie or fabric with proper positioning and align it using a clamps.

    For embroidery design, you will need an advanced machine that will take your design as an output and will do the stitching automatically. Or you can stitch the design by your own. You can use different threads, align the design wherever you want it to be.

  • Finalizing and quality check

    Now that the design is printed, you need to run a quality check to ensure that if the design is printed properly or not, other factors like the fabric quality of hoodies, its sizing and stitching quality.

Process of Working with a Custom Clothing Manufacturer

Here is a process breakdown of working with custom clothing manufacturer:

  • Discuss concept

    Initially, you need to discuss your product concept with the custom clothing manufacture. You can share your graphics design, sketches, and artworks or visual description of our styles, designs and patterns that you want to print.

  • Find manufacturers

    There are tons of manufacturers, in the fashion industry, but not every one of them if right for business, to find the right clothing manufacturer, you need to do some research and them lock your options, choose manufacturer who seem to be professional, comes in your budget.

    For more detailed guide, Read: How to Find Custom Clothing Manufacturer.

  • Sample making

    After your initial discussion, you can request the manufacturer to create an initial sample for you, so that you can check size, fabric quality, fitting, printing and more. Before sample making, there are some additional steps like tech pack and design mock ups.

  • Bulk production

    After approval of your sample, if you like the designs you can proceed the bulk production or you can ask the manufacturer to make some changes as per your needs. A professional manufacturer would be there even after the sample making to make the changes as per your demands. That one of the perks of working with professional manufacturers.

Read in detail: Start to End custom clothing line manufacturing process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are fleece hoodies suitable for all seasons?

Being a hoodie, they are more suitable to wear in colder seasons, a fleece hoodie will keep your body warm and comfortable throughout the day

Q: Can fleece hoodies be customized?

Yes, fleece hoodies are one of the best clothing option that you can customize and personalize as per your needs.

Q: How long do fleece hoodies typically last?

The lifespan of a fleece hoodies vary on couple of factors such as fabric type, use duration, purpose of use, care and more. A good hoodie with proper care lasts for more than a year.

Benefits of Fleece Hoodies

Big shearlings, draping, oversized and fur jackets are the trendy nowadays. The creative styles, and he versatility fleece fabric offers are convincing enough to get yourself a fleece hoodies. Here are couple of advantages of fleece fabric.

  • The fabric is easy to wash in machine and can easily withstand rigid washing

  • There are no limits on colors, you can easily produce any design and color when working with a clothing manufacturer.

  • The fabric doesn’t holds water in itself, it’s a hypo phobic fabric. holding more water in it means it won’t weight heavier even under then rain

  • Offers a good breathable structure

  • When the fabric is wet, if offers amazing insulting properties

  • The fabric doesn’t itch a bit unlike wool fabric.

  • It has got amazing versatile range of warmth to weight ratio which makes it a good option for warm clothing.

  • It can lasts decades and that’s so for sure because of its mind blowing durable features.


Gone are the days, when fleece fabric was only reserved for hikers, adventurist and tourists, but now the fleece fabric is commonly seen in consumer market. Everyone from men, women to kids are spotted wearing casual wear made up of fleece fabric. Now the fleece fabric is become a fabric of all seasons, which means it is probably the time to change the way how you style. Upgrade your look by adopting these trendy fabric. These fleece fabric are one of the best and versatile fabric for manufacturing hoodies, sweatshirts and sweaters as they are warm and light in weight.

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